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The goal of the Federation of German American Clubs is very simply stated: to enhance German-American relations. Our member clubs contribute through numerous programs and varied activities at the local level.

The Federation organizes large-scale undertakings such as the Student Exchange program, the Youth Program, German-American Friendship Day and publishes the Federation magazine "GAZETTE".

Over the years the Federation and its member clubs have made it possible for more than 1700 German and American students to study in each other's host nation. The Youth Program offers weekend seminars in Germany and chaperoned visits to the USA, especially tailored for teenagers.

About the Clubs:

More than 30 independent clubs form the basis for our Federation. Locally, the clubs provide their members and friends with a wide variety of programs and activities such as Literature- and Conversation Groups, Theater - and Hiking Groups, etc. By volunteering in social and cultural activities, as well as through fundraising benefits, the club members enhance the overall goal of the Federation. Together the clubs are the foundation for the oldest and largest private German-American organization in existence.

Student Exchange Program

The Federation annually coordinates a year of study abroad for approximately 28 American and 28 German college students.The American students receive a scholarship from the Federation and are "adopted" by one of the Federation's clubs. German students receive a range of support from the participating universities in the USA including free tuition.

Youth Program

The Federation sponsors seminars for German and American teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18. Contemporary subjects relating to the age and interests of the participants are discussed and analyzed. These seminars are accompanied by recreational opportunities including skiing. Once a year the Federation organizes a visit to the USA for a group of German teenagers and a visit to Germany of American teenagers. The trips includes living with a family and various supervised activities relating to the culture of the country. Cross cultural understanding is a major objective.

German-American Day

Annually, the Federation and the member clubs sponsor a German-American Day, designed to emphasize the importance of and foster the good relations between our two countries. At the opening ceremony of this day, the prestigious "Lucius D. Glay Medal" is awarded to a person who has made significant contributions to improve or maintain this relationship. Previous award winners include:

  • Hr. John McCloy
  • Fr. Eleanor Dulles
  • Professor Dr. Karl Carstens (Former Federal President)
  • Hans-Dietrich Genscher (Former Foreign Minister)
  • US Ambassador Vemon Walters
  • General John J. Shalikaslivili
  • Dr. Manfred Rommel (Former Mayor, Stuttgart)
  • General Klaus Naumann


The Federation's quarterly magazine GAZETTE provides a forum for the Federation and member clubs to exchange Information, views and ideas and informs its readers about German-American issues of mutual interest.

Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundeskreis Niederrhein
German-American Friends Niederrhein